Really…! NZ Fur Seal Cull Clarified

During conversations with our Coorong cousins this week we heard that Federal Government has agreed to a cull of NZ Fur Seals in the Coorong, but our State Government have said no …….. is that really the case and why NO action?


Today we received the following from the office of Tony Pasin;

In 2015 Tony and the then Minister for the Environment, Greg Hunt MP looked into this issue from a Federal point of view and it was confirmed that although the New Zealand Fur Seal is a protected species under Federal Legislation in Commonwealth Waters the Coorong and Lower Lakes are not Commonwealth waters and therefore the Federal protections do not apply.

This means that the State Government (who has jurisdiction over the Coorong and Lower Lakes) are free and able to take action to undertake a cull if deemed necessary.

Despite there being no Federal legislative impediment to a cull, it is my understanding that the State Government have not taken action on this issue despite continued lobbying from Tony and local Liberal State Member Adrian Pederick.


The question is what is our State Government doing, obviously NOTHING?


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