Big Charlie Spelmanis – Honoured


Bigger than life railwayman, Big Charlie Spelmanis of Tailem Bend, leaving the town’s library after his Tailem Bend Historian’s Digital Memoir recording, Friday, June 16, 2017.


Railwayman, Big Charlie Spelmanis being interviewed by son-in-law, Tailem Topics historian, Peter Connolly, both of Tailem Bend, with Librarian Angie Tomkinson of Wellington East recording another Tailem Bend Historian’s Digital Memoir, Friday, June 16, 2017.

Tailem’s Station Ready


Volunteer, Signalman and Curator, Ray Bolt of Tailem Bend, inspecting safety rail requirements for the soon to be installed Railway Stairway of Honour at Tailem Bend’s Info Station, Railway Terrace, Wednesday June,14, 2017.

With storage areas emptied and prepped, Tailem Bend’s main street Info Station readies to install their long awaited elevated picture gallery and their stairway honour boards in the coming months.

Ray Bolt of Tailem Bend, empting the last of the odds and ends for the historic elevated image gallery at Tailem Bend’s Info Station, Railway Terrace, Wednesday June,14, 2017.

Filled with historic still and audio supported digital imagery, collated by the Tailem Bend Historians, the Info Station team of volunteers are looking forward to offering both digital imagery in the elevated gallery and also down at platform level for wheelchair visitors.

Keen on volunteering, there are plenty of exciting developments on the horizon, drop into the Info Station and have a chat.



Tailem Bend Auto Club park up for their annual breakfast, membership, logbook and vehicle inspection meet, before taking off for a cruise to the Wellington Courthouse Café for a hot coffee, Sunday, June 18, 2017.

Glenn Power_iPhone_TB_AUTO_CLUB_1144

With club membership at only $40 per annum, contact Michael Holliday on 0403 271 781 or email and or Greg Black on 0427 447 211 or email for more details.

 Glenn Power_iPhone_TB_AUTO_CLUB_1150

Chatting at the back of member Chop Power’s 1949 Rat Classic, twin SU 6/80 Wolseley, Tailem Bend Auto Club members Peter Telford of Murray Bridge, Bruce Nankivell of Meningie with Barbie Power of Tailem Bend ready for their run to Wellington.

**5 Stars***My Local Services App

Check this App out!


The My Local Services App can now give local residents access to Coorong District Council information at their fingertips.

This includes waste collection dates and reminders, events and nearby facilities such as parks – very helpful.

This application also allows Council to push out notifications to residents relating to significant events or delays in services such as waste collection breakdowns.

Using the App myself I’ve been able to report fencing damage in Meningie, trip hazards, road damage and even tourist rubbish issues in Tailem Bend – it’s a great way of communicating with our council.

A Five Stars from me, for more information click here.

Raising Eyebrows


As cost saving initiatives continue to be run out across South Australia, the sale of Tailem Bend’s historic Lutheran Church has raised eyebrows as questions continue to be asked about the future of Tailem Bend’s medical facilities.

Situated on two large blocks, on the corner of Seymour and East Terrace, Tailem Bend, concerns are being aired by locals as to where proceeds from the sale of the historic church are going.


With the assets of the old Tailem Bend Community Hospital being transferred to SA Health some time ago, residents can now be assured by the statement below from the Acting Regional Director, Riverland Mallee Coorong, Tanya Lehmann that all money raised from this asset sale will remain in Tailem Bend.

“The Coorong Health Advisory Council (HAC) sold the Tailem Bend Lutheran Church at auction last month for $134,000, freeing up valuable funds for investment in local health services,” Tanya said. “The HAC will use the money to upgrade local health services, including staff facilities at the Tailem Bend District Hospital, which haven’t been upgraded since the 1960s – money will also be spent upgrading the town’s doctor lodgings.”

“The Tailem Bend Medical Practice building, which is a HAC-owned asset, will not be sold, however, Country Health SA is in negotiations with prospective future operators of the medical practice,” Tanya said. “We look forward to the positive impact and fresh energy new operators will bring, and trust that the local community will get behind the revamped practice.”

“We are grateful for the support of the Rural Doctors Workforce Agency which has supplied locums to Tailem Bend for the past 18 months, enabling us to maintain medical services in town – thanks also to the dedicated staff at Tailem Bend District Hospital for continuing to provide health care and vital services to the local community.”

“We are committed to maintaining medical services in Tailem Bend and look forward to making an announcement about the new operators of the Tailem Bend Medical Practice in the near future,” Tanya said. “As previously confirmed, Country Health SA has no plans to close Tailem Bend District Hospital.”

Obviously, with letters still being banded about between concerned Tailem Bend residents, the Member for Hammond, Adrian Pederick MP JP and the Minister of Health, Jack Snelling MP, some residents of Tailem Bend remain worried about the future of their medical facilities.


Wellington Mosaics Opened

Images and captions courtesy of the Rural City of Murray Bridge by Glenn Power.

CLICK LINK for more images and words.

20170617_Glenn Power _RCMB_WELLINGTON_ S 3198

Open – Wellington Progress Association’s mosaic panelled toilet block, Bakers Reserve, Wellington, Saturday, June 17, 2017.

20170617_Glenn Power _RCMB_WELLINGTON_ S 2895

Standing next to her Wellington Progress Association Ngurunderi Dreaming mosaic panel, one of four outstanding artworks – Ngarrindjeri Elder Rosslyn Richards of Wellington, Bakers Reserve, Wellington, Saturday, June 17, 2017.

20170617_Glenn Power _RCMB_WELLINGTON_ S 2897

Some of the artists, Ivy Kluske, Eileen Newbery, Judy Oliver, Josie Radford, Yvonne Przibilla and Jennifer Wightman all of Wellington at the opening of their Wellington Progress Association mosaic panelled toilet block, Bakers Reserve, Wellington, Saturday, June 17, 2017.

20170617_Glenn Power _RCMB_WELLINGTON_ S 2903

Opening proceeding with a haunting Didgeridoo rendition at the opening of the Wellington Progress Association’s mosaic panelled toilet block at Bakers Reserve, Wellington, Ngarrindjeri Elder Owen Love of Wellington enjoys the crowds comments on his town’s exceptional mosaic artworks, Saturday, June 17, 2017.

20170617_Glenn Power _RCMB_WELLINGTON_ S 2906

Vicky Crowley and Councillor Karen Eckerman both of Wellington, proudly standing next to Wellington Progress Association’s mosaic panel three, one of four outstanding artworks Bakers Reserve, Wellington, Saturday, June 17, 2017.


Words by Vicky Crowley of Wellington

Local project epitomising this aspiration

Ngarrindjeri Elder and artist Rosslyn Richards individually created the first panel depicting the story of Ngarrindjeri and his creation travel along the river. Her panel also features as a magnificent Pondi (Murray Cod).

Three other panels tell the story of Wellington since Captain Charles Sturt rowed its length. They feature iconic Wellington, its unique natural and built environment including the twin palms, the historic Wellington Hotel and Courthouse, the ferry, jetties, boats, bird and animal life. These panels were created through many hands led by the drive and energy of Jennifer Whiteman and Yvonne Pryzabilla in particular, and mentored and guided by mosaic artist Eileen Newbery.

Come and see the mosaics at Baker Reserve – they are truly beautiful and show Wellington’s current level of immense community spirit.